How much should a start up spend on team building?


My answer to How much should a start up spend on team building?

Answer by Ken Larson:

Employee salary is a poor metric for team building. There are two types of team building:

  1. Internal – Focused on projects (either customer or process driven) Example:

Vital Tips for Project Management in Small Business Federal Government Contracti

2. External – Relationships with industry partners. Example:


Design your internal and external teaming processes, then cost them. You project-oriented teaming costs can be billed to the customer. The process driven internal teaming costs are front end loaded for development and require maintenance. Both are overhead expenses. External teaming costs are marketing driven and usually carried in overhead. They include relationship development with industry partners, generating agreements, mutual marketing related expenses and similar costs.

Consider the scope of your team building, cost it and budget it – then execute.

How much should a start up spend on team building?


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