Why do small businesses not use IT support?


My answer to Why do small businesses not use IT support?

Answer by Ken Larson:

Having worked with many such small businesses my experience indicates a combination of perception and inexperience on the part of both the small firm and the IT supplier.

The small enterprise perceives an IT support company as expensive and the IT support company perceives the small firm as inexperienced. Neither many be true.

The small enterprise may not have the experience to know the capabilities of an IT support contractor and may have difficulty in scoping their internal needs to the point where said contractor can bid them.

The IT support contractor may not have the experience with small business to appreciate the level of marketing and initial scope development necessary to appeal to the small enterprise.

The solution to the above is good communication and an appreciation by the IT contractor that he must be prepared to provide information, samples and valuable service gratis as a marketing tool.

He must introduce himself and then immediately engage the client with presentation tools to bring expertise to whatever topic they are interested in. Let them take the dialogue where they want to go with their concerns and their needs. Apply presentation tools and expertise dynamically on the fly in a sincere manner to those concerns and needs and you will be in demand for follow up business.

Quote and bill what the client can afford and grow with him (in content and resources).

Be dedicated to working yourself out of a job with a specific customer and having your client take over by training him. He will remember you and recommend you to 10 others.

Why do small businesses not use IT support?


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