The Top 5 Events That Shaped 2016




“The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. The vote came as a surprise, even to some who voted for the Brexit. Elections next year in Italy, France and Germany will help underscore or combat the rising tide of populism and shape the fate of Europe. You’ll want to read: What Brexit Means for the World

America chose Donald J. Trump as its next president. A Trump presidency is arguably one of known unknowns, but certain foreign policy implications are already clear.  From his call with Taiwan to the U.S. Navy drone kerfuffle with China, there’s a lot to look forward to as we approach Inauguration Day next month. You’ll want to read: A Simple Tool for Understanding the Trump Presidency

Russia flexed its muscles in an effort to look strong. Economic sanctions, crashing oil prices and sinking foreign investments are hurting the Russian economy. Putin’s response? To act more aggressively, both at home and abroad. You’ll want to read: Russia Falls Into Old Habits 

A faction within the Turkish military tried to overthrow the Erdogan regime. The attempted coup underscored the country’s inescapable identity crisis. As Turkey seeks to mute domestic discord, it also looks to expand its role on the international stage while managing tense relationships with Russia, Iran and the United States. You’ll want to read: A Coup as Audacious as Turkey’s Future

Technology shaped geopolitics more than ever before. Major advances in automated vehicles, robotics, additive manufacturing, precision agriculture and genetic engineering are changing how the world and its inhabitants work and live. From government-sponsored hacking to populist backlashes against globalization, the power to change the world belongs to technology. You’ll want to read: Disruptive Technology: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants  “.




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