How come a 70 year old has never had a mid-life crisis?


My answer to How come a 70 year old has never had a mid-life crisis?

Answer by Ken Larson:

I am at that age and found I was simply too busy after I had decided what to do in retirement. In my view that is key to avoiding what you have questioned.

Retirement is a matter of personal responsibilities, invention and re-invention.

If one aspires to simply maintain one's material life style, retain responsibility for those close to us and relax as objectives, that is one form of retirement – I would call it maintenance.

Many of course cannot undertake a maintenance retirement due to the economic events of recent years, family responsibilities involving their children and their children or aging parents. The must continue to generate an income but must adjust to advancing age and find new ways to generate revenue. I hear form countless individuals who are seeking to go into business for themselves on-line or in the home as a way to achieve that end.

Given reasonably good health and and reasonably free responsibility environment, most find the retirement rather boring after a time and seek continued professional growth. In fact it has been espoused that such a lethargic existence can be hazardous to our health.

Balance is the key in my view – Balancing age with wisdom, lifestyle with responsibility and available means; a new professional endeavor, volunteer work, recreation, the arts, – that which gives meaning to continued existence.

If the need to generate revenue is a prominent factor, care must be taken in assessing risk to health and fortune by investing too much in effort or treasure. That is where the balance comes in.

We will all retire in some form. We have no choice. What we invent or re-invent along the way to make the most of it is our personal challenge.

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How come a 70 year old has never had a mid-life crisis?

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