Why entrepreneurship is interesting?


My answer to Why entrepreneurship is interesting?

Answer by Ken Larson:

  1. Challenging – Many do not make it a succes
  2. You control your Destiny – The founder lives with his or her success
  3. Technology beckons – With the rapid march of technology more opportunities are becoming available for small business.
  4. International Prospects – The world is becoming a very wired place.
  5. Satisfaction – Viewing a successful enterprise you have built yourself is always fulfilling.

Why entrepreneurship is interesting?


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2 Tours in US Army Vietnam. Retired from 36 Years in the Defense Industrial Complex after working on 25 major weapons systems, many of which are in use today in the Middle East. Volunteer MicroMentor. I specialize in Small, Veteran-owned, Minority-Owned and Woman-Owned Businesses beginning work for the Federal Government. MicroMentor is a non-profit organization offering free assistance to small business in business planning, operations, marketing and other aspects of starting and successfully operating a small enterprise. You can set up a case with me at MicroMentor by going to: http://www.micromentor.org/ key words: "Federal Government Contracting"

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