If it is to be funded as a Federal Government expense, how quickly could ‘The Wall’ be started?


My answer to If it is to be funded as a Federal Government expense, how quickly could 'The Wall' be started?

Answer by Ken Larson:

Until the Federal Acquisition Regulation is changed, public law requires that an agency be funded with the government’s estimate of what the wall would cost.

It would then be necessary to establish an Agency Program Office, Contracting Officer and Program Manager to conduct a competitive procurement contract award and contract negotiation with a winning prime contractor.

The first we would see of this would be an announcement on FEDBIZOPPS, indicating the program was funded. The agency put in charge could be Homeland Security, The Corps of Engineers, The Defense Logistics Agency or others.

Federal Business Opportunities

Source selection is achieved through a source selection board that reviews competitive proposals from prime contractors and any subcontractors aligned with them.

A contract with a prime contractor would be signed with the prime contractor and work would commence in accordance with the statement of work in the contract and the contract schedule of deliverables, to include reports and data items.

The work would be overseen by the government contracting office and the Program Manager.

Inspection and acceptance by the government would occur under the terms of the contract and payment would be aligned with deliveries depending on the federal government contract type.


My estimate, based on similar projects of relatively the same magnitude is that the contract source selection process, negotiation and contract award would take from 12 to 18 months, whereupon work could start. My estimate is best case and very optimistic.

The period includes time for the government to write the specification for the work, gain the approval of Congress for funding in the latest budgeting cycle, advertise the job, select the winner, award the contract and start work.

If it is to be funded as a Federal Government expense, how quickly could 'The Wall' be started?


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