Should any of Trump’s businesses be allowed to bid on government contracts?


My answer to Should any of Trump's businesses be allowed to bid on government contracts?

Answer by Ken Larson:

They already have – providing space to the General Services Administration on long term contracts. When these contracts come up for renewal, or if the company bids new work to the federal government it will be necessary for the Trump organization to comply with organization conflict of interest requirements.


The term "organizational conflicts of interest" means that a relationship or situation exists whereby an offer or a contractor has past, present, or currently planned interests that either directly or indirectly (through a client, contractual, financial, organizational or other relationship) may relate to the work to be performed under the forthcoming contract and:

(a) may diminish its capacity to give impartial, technically sound, objective performance

(b) may result in it having an unfair competitive advantage.

It includes chief executives and directors, to the extent that they will or do become involved in the performance of the contract, and proposed consultants or subcontractors where they may be performing services similar to the services provided by the prime contractor.

It does not include the normal flow of benefits from the performance of the contract.


1. Competing for a management/services contract that might require the contracting company to evaluate its own or its competitors’ products for use by the government

2. Competing to supply products/services for which you have designed the specifications

3. Access to other companies’ proprietary information that has not been authorized for use in landing/performing the contract

4. Access to other companies’ proprietary information obtained by leveraging the contract in question, which might provide an unfair competitive advantage.
 The below article in the Washington Post addresses an apparent blatant example of OCI:…


Should any of Trump's businesses be allowed to bid on government contracts?


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