What kind of people do I need in a startup?


My answer to What kind of people do I need in a startup?

Answer by Ken Larson:

Look for not only the individuals that have strong skills in their specific fields for which you are hiring, but also those who are good communicators and who have had multi-faceted experience in other related areas.

Startups do not have the luxury of providing strong support structures to stovepipe thinkers. A new small business requires versatile individuals who can communicate well and understand each others roles.

1. Know how much leadership to offer and how much to let the individual grow on his or her own. Strike the right balance between specific and generic guidance so the unique individual traits of the workers come through in the business model and solutions to problems, system design and success of the firm are derived from the people running the enterprise and not from the leader.

2. Manage constructively by fostering an environment respectful of all points of view but drive to fulfilling progressive objectives as a first priority and blend differences of opinion decisively.

What kind of people do I need in a startup?


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