What was the greatest battle in the Iraq war for America?


My answer to What was the greatest battle in the Iraq war for America?

Answer by Ken Larson:

The battle planned and executed by U.S. General Schwarzkopf and several Western and Middle East allies to drive Sam Hussein from Kuwait and return the country to its rightful government.

“Schwarzkopf's War Plan Based on Deception”

“Los Angeles Times”

“WASHINGTON — The battle plan for vanquishing the Iraqi army mapped out by Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf was one of the most complex military campaigns ever devised, yet it rested upon a fundamental principle as old as human conflict–deception.

From the opening minutes of the air war in the pre-dawn hours of Jan. 17 to the climactic battle with the Republican Guard, the plan was to render Iraq's army deaf and blind, deceive it on the allies' true intentions, and then suddenly–and violently–encircle and annihilate it.

Like all successful military undertakings, the U.S.-allied strategy incorporated a set of calculated risks and employed a wealth of weapons–both seen and unseen–to overwhelm a reeling foe.

The plan relied heavily on air supremacy and massive bombardments–blunt tools for killing men and tanks.

But it also employed such subtle touches as well-publicized prewar amphibious exercises to convince the Iraqis that the allies were planning to mount a major seaborne assault; covert operations deep behind enemy lines, and phony radio transmissions that masked the gigantic movement of a seven-division allied force far to the west of the point in southern Kuwait where the coalition troops were expected to attack.”

Schwarzkopf's War Plan Based on Deception

What was the greatest battle in the Iraq war for America?


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