What are some of the things the US did in Iraq after invading it in 2003?


My answer to What are some of the things the US did in Iraq after invading it in 2003?

Answer by Ken Larson:

I have yet to be able to figure out why the U.S. continued to sell arms to Iraq, other than to enrich the stockholders of the large American Ordnance companies at tax payer expense.

Image: “Mission to Learn.com”


“The State Department has approved two foreign military sales agreements worth around $3 billion combined with Iraq for General Dynamics-built (NYSE: GD) Abrams tanks, up-armored Humvees and related equipment and accessories.

A Defense Security Cooperation Agency notice released Friday says Iraq asked to buy $2.4 billion in M1A1 Abrams tanks from the U.S. under a sale that also includes 15 M88A2 tank recovery vehicles and items such as ammunition, radios, cargo vehicles, transmitters and equipment for communication and support.

AM General is listed as the prime contractor for that sale, DSCA said. In a separate Friday release, DSCA said Iraq also requested to purchase 1,000 M1151A1 Up-Armored High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicles under a $579 million sales agreement that also covers accessories such as machine guns, grenade launchers, radios, communications technologies and support equipment. Each sales arrangement also includes U.S. government and contractor logistics support.”



“And Islamic State’s captured an enormous amount of U.S. weaponry, originally intended for the rebuilt Iraqi Army. You know — the one that collapsed in terror in front of the Islamic State, back when they were just ISIL? The ones who dropped their uniforms, and rifles and ran away? They left behind the bigger equipment, too, including M1 Abrams tanks (about $6 million each), 52 M198 Howitzer cannons ($527,337), and MRAPs (about $1 million) similar to the ones in use in Ferguson.

Now, U.S. warplanes are flying sorties, at a cost somewhere between $22,000 to 30,000 per hour for the F-16s, to drop bombs that cost at least $20,000 each, to destroy this captured equipment.

That means if an F-16 were to take off from Incirclik Air Force Base in Turkey and fly two hours to Erbil, Iraq, and successfully drop both of its bombs on one target each, it costs the United States somewhere between $84,000 to $104,000 for the sortie and destroys a minimum of $1 million and a maximum of $12 million in U.S.-made equipment.”


What are some of the things the US did in Iraq after invading it in 2003?


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