Would you rather take a job at a multinational or a small business with a bigger starting salary?


My answer to Would you rather take a job at a multinational or a small business with a bigger starting salary?

Answer by Ken Larson:

I endured the multinational environment in a corporation for years, learned much (good and bad) and then went on the move.

A funny thing happened on the way to a different job – it was like a moving template –  the places and the faces changed but the issues stayed the same in corporate venues of the Military Industrial Complex.

I found my place in small business and running my own enterprise consulting to them.

I learned we are most at peace when we are in sync with our personal value system and when we are permitted to pursue our values in our personal and professional endeavors.  If we cannot achieve that harmony we will seek change.

Human intellect is an ever-restless endeavor. We struggle to evolve in other aspects fast enough to adapt to our technology. The human physiology has not evolved to match the pace at which we live today. We are prone to overweight, mental disorders, and many other weaknesses as a result.

Corporate greed and and related factors are by-products and protective measures for our failures to adapt.

We are sensitive and vulnerable creatures, designed in a complex and vastly varying ways. The pace of life these days requires cultivation of expectation management and everyone must evolve their own unique form of that art.

Would you rather take a job at a multinational or a small business with a bigger starting salary?


About rosecoveredglasses

2 Tours in US Army Vietnam. Retired from 36 Years in the Defense Industrial Complex after working on 25 major weapons systems, many of which are in use today in the Middle East. Volunteer MicroMentor. I specialize in Small, Veteran-owned, Minority-Owned and Woman-Owned Businesses beginning work for the Federal Government. MicroMentor is a non-profit organization offering free assistance to small business in business planning, operations, marketing and other aspects of starting and successfully operating a small enterprise. You can set up a case with me at MicroMentor by going to: http://www.micromentor.org/ key words: "Federal Government Contracting"

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