What does WW2 mean to you personally?


My answer to What does WW2 mean to you personally?

Answer by Ken Larson:

Aside from the ideological areas you astutely mention, the great wars, both WWI and WWII changed humanity dramatically.

They redrew maps, created industrial giants and thrust the U.S. into the leadership role in many venues in which we struggle today. Capitalism, greed, corruption and geopolitics then forced their way to the forefront.

With the above as a baseline, we are now facing a rapidly advancing technological era attempting to operate on the bedrock above. The bedrock is straining and showing some cracks.

From the above it is apparent that the US is in dire need of strategic vision. To achieve it we must:

Face geopolitical and economic realities, stop war interventions and invest in relationships within and without our country by offering mutual collaboration.

Cease dwelling on threat and build long term infrastructure, education and international development. The threats will melt away.

Invest for the long term at the stock holder, company and national levels based on a strategy dealing with present day and long term challenges in education, communication and society value transitions.

Elect a Congress and an Administration that know how to strike a balance between long and short term actions. We must then let them know what we think regularly by communicating with them.

Know that most cultures and societies in upheaval today are watching our national model and choosing whether or not to support it, ignore it or attack it.

What does WW2 mean to you personally?


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