Who do you look up to in life?


My answer to Who do you look up to in life?

Answer by Ken Larson:

Dwight David Eisenhower and General H. Norman Schwarzkopf

Image: Rose covered Glasses

We’re Long Overdue for Due Diligence in Defense

Ike also warned in his farewell speech about the Military Industrial Complex and made an eerie prediction of the massive power that venue now holds in the world – both militarily and economically:


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General H. Norman Schwarzkopf

Image: “Rose covered Glasses”

No one in the last 20 years tops General Schwarzkopf. The way he led multiple allied countries to free Kuwait is reminiscent of Eisenhower in World War II.

He spent a good deal of his youth with his father as he served as ambassador to Iran. Norman Schwarzkopf developed a lifelong interest in Middle Eastern culture, understood it and led a complex mix of nations to victory over Saddam Hussein.

Having served multiple tours in Vietnam, he understood the mistakes of that war, built a force overwhelmingly capable of defeating the enemy, did so, and advised his superiors to stop short of occupation and go home. In retrospect the US should have followed his advice and left Iraq for good rather than conduct further invasions and attempts at nation building later.

General Schwarzkopf is a true American hero. You will note he came home and stayed home after freeing Kuwait.

Norman Schwarzkopf Jr. – Wikipedia.

His successors then hung around with an imperialist attitude, resented by cultures that have hated that type of control for thousands of years.

These incursions have killed thousands of our finest youth and maimed the lives of countless others. We learned nothing from General Schwarzkopf, the Russians in Afghanistan, our own experiences in Vietnam and similar outings in the past.

The average American will pay for this ruin in decades to come through taxes supporting hospital care, social services and veteran's homes and a choking national debt.

Who do you look up to in life?


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