Have any other veterans noticed a different view of civilians after serving?


My answer to Have any other veterans noticed a different view of civilians after serving?

Answer by Ken Larson:


I have had my own change of views after being discharged from 2 tours in a war zone and coming home to a hostile public in 1968.

I have also worked with many veterans for 3 decades in the aerospace industry and as a volunteer counselor in retirement. Their views of civilians changed after serving as well.

The overriding feeling throughout the above was one of distance, not resentment; in fact many veterans, in particular those of us who have been wounded, are quite humble.

As a collective group it is generally felt that civilians have little understanding or interest in the military experience.

The fact that the Veteran’s Administration is the second highest funded agency beyond the Pentagon we view as simply a function of the after effects of wars the country has asked us to fight, which in retrospect were a huge waste.

In view of the above, a civilian thanking a veteran for his or her service rings quite shallow.

Please Don’t Thank Me for My Service

Have any other veterans noticed a different view of civilians after serving?


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