Why is the US in conflict with most of world?


My answer to Why is the US in conflict with most of world?

Answer by Ken Larson:

It may appear that the U.S. is in conflict with the rest of the world; I would prefer to call it “Involved” rather than in conflict.

As you can see from the graphics below, the U.S. is economically unsurpassed in terms of GDP and our technology and trading is in demand all over the globe.

In addition, as allies to organizations like NATO and the U.N., we are actively involved in peacekeeping, active warfare and geopolitical strife because we have the strongest military and the highest technology weapons ever to grace the face of the earth.

What we have yet to realize is that military victory in this age is dead and other means available to us must prevail.

Military Victory is Dead

Economically and militarily the U.S. has no equal in the world today.

Image: “THE ECONOMIST” Stateside substitutes

The US is the largest military in NATO. The US is certainly the most technologically advanced military, and has a military presence in more places in the world than any other country.

The US exports more weapons in terms of total dollars then any other nation.US Weapons Exports End FY 2016 at $33.6 Billion


Why is the US in conflict with most of world?


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