Is the USA fatally addicted to war?


My answer to Is the USA fatally addicted to war?

Answer by Ken Larson:

The U.S. is not fatally addicted to war but a vast portion of its economy has run on war for the last 15 years.

We have dramatically downsized after major war efforts in the past. We did so after WWII, Vietnam and more recently as our physical role in Middle East has receded. It is possible to re-deploy our industrial strength and manpower to infrastructure and peace time efforts. We have done so in the past.

But there are factions in the Military Industrial Complex that lobby and create war-like threat scenarios exercising power in Congress that must be monitored closely by the American people so it does not get out of hand, particularly the economic cost of this behemoth.

Retention of jobs at Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and General Dynamics while the executives of these companies make millions has become a huge motivator for the defense lobby.

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Aside from the threat of another 911 and the fact that we have lost over 4,000 young soldier’s lives, the real reason for this is the money in it for big business. War can become a racket. So can occupying under the guise of democracy. People make big money at it and an entire Military Industrial Complex can thrive on it.

The details of exactly how this occurs were in a warning by President Eisenhower as he left office. His words were very prophetic:…

Video You Tube RobUniv

The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) consists of both the Pentagon and the contractors that serve it, their lobbying firms and the politicians who promote weapons systems, incursions and services to the government for profit and gain.

The MIC has tremendous power, even though it is presently being tested by Sequestration. For further details and specific example of how the MIC has influenced our decision makers and contributed to the deaths of our finest youth, please see the following:


It is corrupt and driven by corporate influence:……

It is broken and riddled with incompetence:


The beat goes on today with the KBR's the Lockheed Martins and the other huge corporations supplying and supporting wars.

Every major aerospace company from IBM to Lockheed Martin and Boeing has totally stand-alone divisions that serve as cost centers and pursue monumental interests in the politics of government and the billions in service contracts that are outsourced there. This has gone on for years. I watched it for 3 decades on the inside of these companies.

Odyssey of Armaments (A free download in Adobe).

These companies routinely spend more in lobbying expenses than they pay in income taxes each year.…

The interests of these firms is now changing slightly with Sequestration and many are making acquisitions and marketing services in the Health Care sectors or escalating their interests in civil aviation, education and other fields.

If it was too costly to do business with the government, 302,315 companies and some of the largest corporations in the world would not be involved in it. See below the contract awards and amounts in 2010 to large enterprises:


Top 10 Contractors FY 2010

2. THE BOEING COMPANY 19,358,512,809
5. RAYTHEON COMPANY 14,880,453,061
8. OSHKOSH CORPORATION 7,197,520,183
9. SAIC, INC. 6,595,330,339
10. BAE SYSTEMS PLC 6,587,705,335″

Why is the US Spending So Much Money on Fighting a War that has Claimed so Few US Victims?

Is the USA fatally addicted to war?


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