How do you feel about today’s American dream?


My answer to How do you feel about today's American dream?

Answer by Ken Larson:

Adapting to the "New Normal" has substantially redefined the American Dream.

When the US ceased being an industrial giant it switched to consumerism and high technology to replace the missing base.

The challenge resulting from that transition has been in leaving the American worker behind and with corporations that are operating globally on a supply and demand basis responding to shifts in demographics, economics and the resulting markets.

I find the Time Magazine article by Fareed Zakaria, "How to Restore the American Dream" an interesting analysis and positive future forecast. The link to the article is below.

In essence we must climb on the World Economic Train as individuals, businesses and as a government or be left behind by those who are on board and leaving the station.

It will require a shift in thinking, an emphasis on education, diversity enhancement and strong doses of American ingenuity and hard work.

When we have adjusted, unemployment will improve and not before.

How to Restore the American Dream

How do you feel about today's American dream?

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