How can the Federal Acquisition Regulation be used?


My answer to How can the Federal Acquisition Regulation be used?

Answer by Ken Larson:

The below table contains the principal FAR chapter titles. Linked below the table are the web sites that can be utilized to explore these documents.


The FAR applies to the full acquisition cycle for all supplies and services the federal agencies buy.

FAR is not "Rocket Science" but it is different than the commercial business sector.

No one ever reads the full body of FAR from cover to cover. It is a reference document, maintained by the government to oversee the contracting process.

From time to time changes to the regulations are offered for public comment at the FAR web site.

Determine the regulation basics that apply to any given job considered for bidding. Examine a few solicitations in your area of expertise at the FEDBIZOPPS web site:

Use the FAR links to determine the basic terms and conditions and examine the solicitation source documents to read in detail the clauses you must understand to effectively bid federal work.

When you have confusion regarding interpreting a requirement, seek assistance in the table of contents to the free book at this site offering guidance under the topic in question:


You may also set up a free counseling connection at Micro Mentor:

Search for Mentor Kenneth Larson

While assessing the impact of FAR on your company educate yourself on that what directly affects your company first in making the transition to federal government contracting and growing into the field.

Carefully maximize your existing business processes and systems first before making changes and do not jump to instant fixes with exotic software tools a supplier or consultant has told you will make you compliant or competitive overnight in government contracting.

FAR is a generally logical body of regulation that has come about due to the need to control and make consistent the government and industry approaches to meeting prudent and sound contracting objectives with the necessary transparency to govern.

FAR does not impose business systems. It requires that you disclose the way you meet regulatory requirements in the way you operate with your processes and tools.

Plan the approach and learn to convey it to auditors, contracting officers and industry partners.
Grow into the business by exploring the venue and having it grow into you.

What Small Business Should Know About FAR and CAS

How can the Federal Acquisition Regulation be used?

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