What is the impact created by the unilateral approach by America towards global terrorism?


My answer to What is the impact created by the unilateral approach by America towards global terrorism?

Answer by Ken Larson:

Over the last 15 years it has demonstrably not worked.

We thought we were untouchable and we were touched – big time. It took awhile to deal with the grief. I knew several at the Pentagon that died.

Then we began to morph our disbelief and our grief into a mammoth effort to strike back without considering what we were striking and with motives that became greedy and profiteering in nature.

For me it was very reminiscent of the Vietnam era in which I served and in retrospect I feel badly about the many weapons systems on which I worked for years that are currently in use today to kill so dramatically from the sky.

We must grasp the series of Cause and Effect Events that created 911 and subsequent carnage and insure that it does not happen again. The U.S. and its allies (many in the Middle East) were involved. We must understand theses events and learn from them.

Military Victory is Dead

CAUSE: The US fights a just and honorable war assisting many Middle East allies and other countries free Kuwait.

EFFECT: Saddam Hussein is driven from Kuwait and the country is returned to its rightful government.

CAUSE: The US does not leave the Middle East after rescuing Kuwait, but rather, stays in peripheral countries militarily “To Protect Our Interests” with an imperialist attitude resented by cultures that have an ingrained,religious hatred for that type of presence by foreigners.

EFFECT: The rise of Bin Laden and many more like him today and the deaths of 3,000 Americans on our soil, attacked in our homeland because we did not leave the Middle East.

CAUSE: The US reacts to 911 by setting up an elaborate Homeland Security apparatus and beefing up the National Security Agency by orders of magnitude, technologically, while putting in place a carefully concealed legal apparatus to counter terrorism.

EFFECT: The US has no outside terrorist incidents of a 911 magnitude since the Twin Towers fell in 2001 but Americans develop real concerns about our government and its role in controlling our lives as whistle blower disclosures regarding the apparatus of intelligence operation reveal potential constitutional issues.

CAUSE: The US invades Iraq fed by false, intentionally staged intelligence, fronted by agencies and industries bent on economic gain. The US sets about war fighting and nation building programs that seek to displace a culture that had evolved through conflict and war lords for hundreds of years and is tied to the absolute requirement that religious practices be part and parcel of government, a principle the US has rejected as unworkable since our Constitution was written.

EFFECT: Failure to build anything substantial in the form of a nation over a 15 year period. The deaths or crippling of our finest soldiers, dramatic increases in our national debt and a cynicism among our citizens with respect to the $Billions that have gone into the pockets of corporations supporting our huge Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and wasteful USAID Programs by companies that spend more lobbying Congress than they pay in taxes.

CAUSE: The present Middle East unrest due to ISIS/ISIL and other splinter groups we thought had been scattered to the winds.

EFFECT: UN Security Council meets with many nations talking and less than a half dozen nations carefully and selectively participating in an air war against terrorism while the remainder watch the outcome. Our military and corporate defense establishment (MIC) shout, “Sequestration to reduce military spending must end!” and estimates two years will be required with more American boots on the ground to train an Iraq force that we had already trained for a decade before the Iraq government disbanded it.

CAUSE (PROJECTED): A political battle like none seen in recent times driven by concerned American citizens and their view of the US role in the Middle East, our burgeoning national debt approaching $20 Trillion and the fact that the culture in that part of the world has had a very difficult time figuring out how we can help them over the last two decades while we near energy independence from oil and require some nation building of our own in the homeland.

EFFECT (PROJECTED): A leader and a political climate that will permit prudence, tough decisions, carefully avoidance of bad intelligence and overreaction so that we do not continue to sink into the oil and blood soaked desert of Middle East cultural revolutions as global corporations consuming the MIC and USAID tax payer dollars prosper, parking their assets overseas while our young become indebted for generations.

What is the impact created by the unilateral approach by America towards global terrorism?


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