What are some of the events that have led to the US dysfunctional democracy?


My answer to What are some of the events that have led to the US dysfunctional democracy?

Answer by Ken Larson:

The U.S. is not a democracy; it is a constitutional republic that practices democratic approaches to government.

The checks and balances between the elected representatives of the people (Congress) the Presidency, and the Judiciary insure that the will of the majority of the citizens of the country is carried forward.

The items you have listed are examples of the will of the people and the functioning of our constitutional republic as it has met the challenges of an increasingly complex world.

The U.S. has weathered many economic ups and downs for over 200 years. It is solidly wired to the global economy, surviving the recent world-wide recession on top of the heap.

Russia today has the GDP of the State of Texas in the U.S.

Image: “THE ECONOMIST” Stateside substitutes

Western Democracy will survive and thrive, led by the U.S.

Other forms of government are under much greater stress, since they do not have the attributes noted above.

What are some of the events that have led to the US dysfunctional democracy?


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