Why does the US insist on trying to build do-everything planes?


My answer to Why does the US insist on trying to build do-everything planes?

Answer by Ken Larson:

Aircraft, vehicles, systems and management in DOD are a competitive venture between the services and on many occasions they are mediated by trying to develop a “One Size Fits All” philosophy to accommodate imagined efficiencies, commonality and yet high performing objectives.

The issue in achieving the above objectives is that the individual services do not wish to compromise on their unique requirements and even on single service systems, the engineering changes continue right into production, a fatal and costly error we insist on making.

The product turns into an albatross and/or a white elephant with retroactive changes disease and logistics support requirements that defy any kind of efficiency.

Supporting contractors are more than willing to go along with this approach since many are on cost plus contracts and get paid every cent of the resulting overruns to the original contract.

"The Plane that Ate The Pentagon- The Politically Engineered F-35"

I participated in several of these programs over a 36 year period.

Odyssey of Armaments | Ken Larson – Academia.edu

Check out the movie,"The Pentagon Wars", a humorous but remarkably true story of the design and development of one of the costliest weapons systems ever to grace the Pentagon Budget, the "Bradley Fighting Vehicle".

The movie was produced by HBO and starred Kelsey Grammer as the Pentagon General who led the government establishment sponsoring the vehicle program. The profusion of design and performance specification changes and other difficulties which plagued the program for years was hilariously but accurately portrayed in the film.


Video: “You Tube – Scope Creep Project Management”

Why does the US insist on trying to build do-everything planes?

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