How can citizens starve the federal government?


My answer to How can citizens starve the federal government?

Answer by Ken Larson:

Starving the government is not an option.

Work with our government, not at it. Insist through participation and elected representation on an end to polarization and a beginning of compromise to moving on with the challenges we face in the world.

To your question in detail.

The federal government runs on money. Some believe it can be starved or shrunk by reducing that money but it is not all in our hands.

Our country is financed not only tax money but money borrowed from contributory accounts like social security and from money financed regularly through bond auctions that place our debt in the hands of foreign countries like China, the European Uninon, Japan and others.

We finance wars and the interest on our debt with the above.

Our dollar is the recognized medium of exchange throughout the world. Our GDP beats everyone else.

This result is a national debt rapidly approaching $20 Trillion.

U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time

Therefore, our credit rating is admirable at time now. But that could change.

The answer to your question is to become or stay involved and informed


Hold your elected representative accountable by contacting them regularly on the issues you deem important.

We do not need government starvation. We need to feed it the right diet of citizen concern.

How can citizens starve the federal government?


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