How would the US have fared in Vietnam if China had been fully engaged as it was in Korea?


My answer to How would the US have fared in Vietnam if China had been fully engaged as it was in Korea?

Answer by Ken Larson:

The scenario your question postulates is the same type of quagmire we now face in Syria with Russia.

It may have resulted in a sooner end to the conflict or and extension of it.

Americans back home were determined to end the Vietnam conflict because we had sacrificed 60,000 dead soldiers; unlike today where only 1% of Americans have been involved in our volunteer Army over the last 15 years of incursion in the Middle East (not to in any way demean those who have died over the last 15 years).

We must realize we cannot relive history but we can use it to guide our future.

We are chasing a symptom of the problem and not the problem itself in the present era.

From the Gulf War to the invasion of Iraq, from Arab Spring through Syria, it is apparent the region will be in chaos with power vacuums and power assumptions for years, driven by religious radicalism and a tribal mentality.

The U.S and Western powers as well as Russia must recognize the above facts and leave the Middle East. Their very presence has been driven by their Military Industrial Complexes with money or geopolitical proxy as drivers – not democratic ideals or even communist ideals.

The Arab/Israeli issue must be resolved with international negotiation. All wars eventually result in negotiated settlements. Avoiding them by negotiation in the first place is the most effective war weapon and by far the least costly in materials, debt and lives.

We have not realized that military victory is defeated.

It will take many more deaths to bring that reality home.

The great powers must decide how many more deaths they wish to cause or donate.

Military Victory is Dead

How would the US have fared in Vietnam if China had been fully engaged as it was in Korea?


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