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Thoughts For Today And Our Times


The Specialist

I see sights you’ll never know
Cruising waters from the sky
Lofty height – down I go
Deftly tooled for fishing low

Humans weird as creatures go
Spindly legs and gaping stare
Planted on the earth below
What’s your game over there?

I’ll ignore you for the moment
Freedom calls – winds arrive
All my tools and instincts poised
The specialist starts his dive

Minnesota Veterans Home Hastings and The State’s Growing, Progressive Program for Veterans Care

Vets home
Photo:  Dakota County Tech College

Panoramic Photo Tour – MN Vets Home Hastings – Use “Open Index Feature”

Editors Note:  I enjoyed participating in the following podcast featuring the veterans community in which I have resided for the last 12 years.  With 3 more homes on the horizon in Bemidji, Monticello and Preston, adding to the existing 5 vets homes in  the state, Minnesota is at the forefront of health care for its military veterans.  

Ken Larson 

“Minnesota Military Radio”

“This week we meet with the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs and learn about the Minnesota Veterans Homes, discuss Military and Absentee Voting with Secretary of State Steve Simon, find out about the upcoming Nearly Naked Ruck March and get an update from our County Veteran Service Officer. Guests include:

Podcast link: (Turn On Your Computer Sound) Minnesota Military Radio

Q&A Reference Library On Small Business Government Contracting And The Military Industrial Complex

Ken and Quora
Ken Larson Library on Quora

Quora Questions with Answers by Ken that have undergone over 1 Million views on Small Business Government Contracting and the U.S. Military Industrial Complex Ken Larson Reference Library on Quora